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Put Your Name In the Sky!

Everybody loves a balloon! It is impossible to ignore an image so large &
colorful. In a recent survey 100% of respondents indicated that balloons draw
their attention. Over 50% said they stop to watch hot air balloons, and one
third stated they shoot a photograph. A balloon in flight is a captivating and
colorful distraction to everyday life. And the commercial message it carries
leaves a powerful impression on your target customers.

At Images Aloft have over 30 years experience in the ballooning business.
And yes, that is a lot of hot air. We have served companies big and small, and
provided them with memorable and dynamic brand exposure up in the most
uncluttered medium of all...The Sky!

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Experiential Marketing:

“The art of creating an experience where
the result is an emotional connection to a
brand, product, or idea.”

Influencing today’s consumers has never been
more challenging. Experts agree the best time to
reach the hearts and minds of people is when they
are having a good time!

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Promotion + Emotion = Image Retention

Proper placement of an advertising balloon at fun events like concerts, fairs, festivals, and sports venues ensures the emotional connection to the brand. Your customers will return home with lasting memories of an enjoyable experience and of your company logo on a beautiful balloon. Image retention is over the top with balloons...a remarkable 96% of respondents could easily name at least three commercial balloons.

Jack Daniels
“When a brand provides an excellent experience it begins to win the hearts and minds of customers, and gain the ultimate competitive advantage.”
BrandWeek Magazine
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Give Your Guests a “Lift”

A recent survey in USA TODAY indicated that more people wished for a ride in a hot air
balloon than any other type of aircraft. A ride in a balloon is a dream for most people, a
traditional “bucket list” item. At Images Aloft we have flown thousands of delighted pas-
sengers both young and old. Your corporate balloon is a magic carpet ride. A romantic
flight in your company balloon will be an unforgettable gift for faithful employees or your
loyal customers. And we won’t forget the champagne! Media representatives will make
your company the story when invited for a ride in your corporate balloon.

Mission Statement

“To provide our clients with the maximum exposure and publicity in the safest and most economical manner through the use of hot-air balloons and inflatable displays. Our clients have entrusted us with their most valuable asset, THEIR IMAGE. Images Aloft assumes this responsibility, striving to govern our actions accordingly in all dealings with spectators, cleient representatives, passengers, the media, and the general public, to ensure effectve and positive promotion in the best interest of the client.”